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Elegans: Elegant Art

beautiful women and lovely men

Elegans : Beautiful Women & Lovely Men
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This is an art sharing community, but one with a few more rules than some of the others. Hopefully, the rules will make your experience better, and not worse!

One major difference here is that we request you to include a few lines of commentary with each image or set of images you post.

Community theme: Elegant and lovely art--more decadent than cute--particularly depictions of women (and feminine men *G*). Examples include work by Mucha, Nagel, Fujishima, Elvgren, CLAMP, Erte', Amano, Beardsley, etc. Styles and genres might include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, pinups, EGL, shoujo manga, fashion illustration, nude studies, character design, portraits, pop art, the Pre-Raphaelites, comic book art, ukiyo-e, bishoujo, etc.

Artistic photography is okay. Nudity is okay but requires LJ-cuts and warnings (see below). Gay/bi/lesbian/transgender/yaoi/yuri themes are okay and do NOT requires cuts or warning unless there is nudity. Sexuality is okay but requires LJ-cuts and warnings. UNDERAGE SUBJECTS + SEXUALITY IS NOT OKAY. No lolicon, etc.

Fanart is okay if it's high quality. Your own art is okay too, but you should expect constructive criticism.

I would love to see the community not dominated by any one style.

Image sharing rules:
Images larger than 100K must be put behind an lj-cut.
More than one image, or more than three 100x100 thumbnails, must be behind an lj-cut.
Nudity or sexuality (such as bondage themes) must be behind an LJ-cut, with a warning (for example, "includes breasts" or "S&M-themed"). You should be over 18 to view or post these.
Posting LJ icons is okay. No more than three without a cut.
Posting links instead of images is okay, but images are better.
You should include at least a couple lines of your comments on images you post.
YOU MUST NOT STEAL BANDWITH. This means you should save the images to your OWN account. http://www.photobucket.com/ is a free and relatively reliable service for image hosting.
You should identify the artist whenever known.

How to do an lj-cut:
Easy! Just do this:
< lj-cut text="Click here for blah blah blah" >
(your image goes here)
< /lj-cut >

Just remove the space after the < and before the >.

Thank you! If we play by the rules, we can all enjoy lots of elegant & gorgeous art. (If you don't, you'll get a warning, and on the second one, you may be banned.)

Other recommended communities include geisha_girls, illustrated, asian_art, and kawaii_noir.