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Thomas Canty is described as a New Romantic artist. If you read fantasy or urban fantasy novels at all, you've seen his artwork. He has a very distinctive style using watercolors and ink, which is pretty unusual these days. He also tends to use a similar palette over and over, featuring warm creamy tones. Another tradmark is an emphasis on crinkled folds of cloth. Most of the characters tend to have similar, very pre-Raphaelite faces (high cheekbones, very full mouths, Roman noses, deep-set eyes).

Biography of Thomas Canty at Endicott Studios. If he has his own website, I can't find it. Most of these images are a few years old.

Warning: These images are REALLY LARGE. If you prefer, you can go to the Photobucket directory for Elegans, which has thumbnails.

The Dove Looked In

The Nightingale

The Secret Garden

Tam Lin (cover illustration for the novel by pameladean--highly recommended for lit geeks)

Snow White, Blood Red

Little, Big

Castle Keep

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